Sergios Lamnidis

Sergios Lamnidis

Attorney at Law, LAMNIDIS LAW, Athens, Greece

Sergios Lamnidis is a young and enthusiastic lawyer. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and a Master in Civil Law and Modern Financial Transactions from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Valedictorian). His Master’ thesis included, amongst others, the complex interplay between generative AI and intellectual property.  

He brings an interdisciplinary background in law and international business, with a strong focus on the legal implications of Artificial Intelligence. Over the past two years, Sergios Lamnidis has dedicated himself to researching and writing about the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence regulation and legal issues, focusing on developments within the EU, US, and China. His insights have been featured on prominent platforms like CNN.  

He has also delved into technical aspects of AI to enhance his comprehension of issues throughout the AI supply chain and is currently in the process of developing an innovative legal software solution aimed at transforming legal practices through AI. 

Apart of AI, Sergios' s legal fields are Civil, Corporate and Energy Law.