Dimosthenis Spyridis

Dimosthenis Spyridis

Web 3.0 Marketing Strategist at ΤΗΕFUTURECATS

With over 20 years in the advertising and digital marketing industry, Dimosthenis Spyridis specializes in implementing innovative marketing strategies and digital marketing tactics.

He is the Web 3.0 Marketing Strategist at THEFUTURECATS Innovation Consultancy, focusing in Web 3.0 marketing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the metaverse. Here, he offers future-proof, forward-thinking consulting services and innovative solutions tailored to his clients' projects.

Dimosthenis often steps into an instructor role through partnerships, such as with Knowcrunch, helping emerging marketers navigate the complex and rapidly evolving social media landscape.

As a Project Manager with THEFUTURECATS Innovation Consultancy, he plays a critical role in the successful development and execution of client’s projects, bridging his passion for innovation and his commitment to driving growth.

He holds a degree in Advertising from the College of Media & Communication at Texas Tech University, with specialized knowledge in digital currencies from the University of Nicosia's Introduction to Digital Currencies program. Continually building on his skills and knowledge foundation, he has earned certifications from organizations like Google, Meta, LinkedIn, and Microsoft, broadening his expertise in digital marketing, artificial intelligence, and spearheading digital transformation and technological innovation.

As an advocate for continuous improvement and lifelong learning, Dimosthenis persistently seeks innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve, enriching his knowledge and staying at the forefront of new technologies.