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Ray Mead

Ray Mead MBA PMP is Founder and CEO of p3m global, a specialist project, programme and portfolio management (P3M) consultancy.

With over 20 years of experience in P3M practice advising to FTSE 100 board-level, Ray is a recognized thought leader and his skills as a consultant, troubleshooter and speaker are in demand across the Globe.

He has a strong background in telecommunications and IT but draws his experience from multinational engagements across a diverse spectrum of industries, including Government, Defense and Pharmaceuticals. Ray has also served as an elected Councilor for the City of Southampton and is the author of the acclaimed book Delivering Successful PMOs (Routledge).

Ray passionately believes in using the power of project management to achieve social good and so volunteers for the PMI Educational Foundation and is Trustee for Solent Academies Trust, a group of academies for children with special educational needs.


“False Dichotomy: The Myth of ‘Agile vs Waterfall’ and the true nature of Hybrid“

For over a decade we have been told that ‘Waterfall’ is a clunky, dated approach that is not focused on value while ‘Agile’ is the solution to everybody’s problems. This has left organisations struggling with how to reconcile these two, seemingly opposite, ways of working and how to stay relevant in predominantly Agile environments.

In this talk, Ray will be uncovering the origin of this bimodal thinking and examining how well it reflects the reality of transformational work in the 21st century.  He’ll show that ‘Agile’ & ‘Waterfall’ are misleading terms, and that transformational work adapts to a scale of agility.

Ray will be drawing on his experience of working with traditional, agile and hybrid environments to look at some of the challenges and implications of organisations moving to a multimodal model. He will also then look at some practical suggestions organisations and PMOs can take to ‘right-size’ their governance and ensure the right approach for the right project.


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