Project and Programme Manager, Author

Nigel Creaser

Nigel Creaser is the Sunday Lunch Project Manager, a Project and Programme Manager with over 25 years of experience leading change for public and private organisations across a vast array sectors and technologies.

He is the host of The Sunday Lunch Project Podcast where is conducts in depth interviews with leading project professional from around the world, working out what makes project managers tick.

He has published a number of books on Project Management and Amazon Alexa. His latest book, Project Manager Productivity Hacks, is helping project managers around the globe get out the office that little bit earlier than before. He has also just launched his first, and possibly the only original Project Manager music.

When he is not working, writing, interviewing, coding or being a dad and husband he likes to relax on the Judo mat or running along the canal near his home in North Shropshire.


“Project Manager Productivity Hacks: Save Time and Effort Every Day“

We all find ourselves leaving our desks at the end of the day with tasks still to be completed. If we could save 30 minutes a day, we could transform our careers or maybe just have a lunch break for a change.

Nigel will share two of the eleven hacks he has documented in his latest book and used throughout his career.

• Notifications – TURN THE BL**DY THINGS OFF
• Emails – DON’T READ THEM
You will find out why to do this and what the alternative is.


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