“Εισαγωγή – Χαιρετισμοί”

Θεοφάνης Γιώτης, Πρόεδρος, PMI Greece Chapter

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“The Value of Project Management Certification”

Louis Mercken, PMI Fellow, MBA, PMP, Member of the 2011 PMI Board of Directors & former Chairman of the PMI Board

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“Microsoft EPM 2010: Customer experiences and benefits”

Stavros Georgantzis, Managing Director, Founder and Partner // TPG The Project Group

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“Certification and Accreditation in the UK Cabinet Office’s Best Management Practice portfolio”

Alan Harpham, Πρόεδρος του APM Group, επίσημου φορέα πιστοποίησης της βρετανικής Γ.Γ. Εμπορίου

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“Project Management Career Path at IBM”

Θάνος Μαρκούσης, MSc, MBA, PMP®, Project Management Profession Leader for Greece and Cyprus, IBM

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“International Project Management Standards: Progress and Plans”

Miles Shepherd, Chairman ISO Project Committee 236 & Technical Committee 258 for Project & Programme Management

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