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Americo Pinto

Americo Pinto, PMP®, PMO-CC®, PMO-CP®, is the Founder and Chair of the PMO Global Alliance, the world’s largest community of PMOs and PMO professionals. He has more than 25 years of international experience in PMOs, Strategy and Project Management, working as a Practitioner, Consultant, Professor, Researcher, Speaker and Author. Americo Pinto was the recipient of the PMI Distinguished Contribution Award in 2012. He is a Ph.D. candidate at Rennes School of Business in France.


“How to make your PMO indispensable to the top management and the organization.“

Organizations have undergone significant changes in recent years, which the global pandemic and new technologies have accelerated. PMOs worldwide have been impacted by these changes, which have driven them to generate effective value as a condition to survive and thrive. In this session, Americo Pinto will share experiences and insights on how the world’s best PMOs are reinventing themselves and reveal what should be the ultimate commitment and goal of a new generation PMO.


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