Monday 10 May

9.30-10.00 Pre-event virtual networking + Live expo
10.00-10.20 Introduction – Greetings

Aggeliki Korre, Business Unit Head, netweek

Panagiotis Marketos, Business Editor

Zannina Anagnostopoulou, PMI Greece Chapter – President Board of Directors

George Diakonikolaou, Project Management Coach

1st Session

Organizational & Personal Resillience

10.20-10.50 “Better person, better leader”
Humans are at the core of projects, as teams that deliver change, as users that need change and society at large to become better for all. Leadership is needed more than ever in times of disruptions, as everybody looks for safety and predictability. Teams, customers and humanity are served best if leaders act ethically.
Questions reflected on in the presentation, practically and philosophically are

  • What does being ethical mean, which values do we have in common?
  • How can we become better as ethical leaders?
  • Which tools can we use to improve ourselves?
  • Why do we recognize good leadership when we see it?

Thomas Walenta, Project Management Mentor

10.50-11.20 “Think Differently About Stakeholder Engagement: 5 Skills To Boost Your Relationships at Work”
Excelling at project management involves using a broad range of skills to get the best out of the team and stakeholders. In this presentation, Elizabeth Harrin will draw on resources in her new book, Engaging Stakeholders on Projects, to share tips for how you can build your skills in the job.
You’ll come away with practical ways to improve your contextual awareness, business acumen, resilience, credibility and assertiveness: 5 skills that are often overlooked but critical to building trusted stakeholder relationships and getting on in your career.
This presentation is suitable for people at all stages in their professional journey as you’ll be able to create your own development plan to take things further after the session.
Elizabeth Harrin, Project Management author & mentor
11.20-11.50 “The paradoxical profession: Sustainability & Project Management”
Professions in general, and project management in particular, are undergoing a deep change towards the integration of sustainability concepts into their core values and practices. ‘Sustainability’ itself increases the number of tensions and constraints professionals experience in their everyday work. We will discuss how the presence of organizational barriers, the different temporality of sustainable objectives, and the lack of power, knowledge, and support are among the factors that lead project managers to favour win-win solutions. We conclude presenting also the possibility that project managers could embrace the inherent contradictions of sustainability objectives and develop a more ‘paradoxical’ approach.
Dr Luca Sabini, Senior Lecturer in Project Management, Hertfordshire University
11.50 – 12.20 Networking break

2nd Session

Team & People Engagement

12.20-12.50 “Flourishing in the post-COVID age or just “Flourishing” “
In this talk, Scott will speculate on what the future of work will look like – in the short term.  He will suggest a reframing of the workplace that could impact the employee experience and improve productivity and talent retention, and attraction.  Scott will draw from his experience as a scientist, HRD and, most recently, as a YouTube creator.
Scott D. McArthur, Speaker | Writer | Mentor | Facilitator
12.50-13.20 “Making it Safe for Effective Collaboration”
This presentation will look at the five steps required to make it safe within teams, so that team members are not afraid to speak up, to ask questions and to challenge the status quo. We will learn that by setting the stage for candor and curiosity, communication and collaboration will increase. And by engaging hearts and minds, team members will be more likely to think differently and engage in creative brainstorming, leading to new ideas and change.
Norma Lynch, PMP, Project & Change Management Trainer & Consultant
13.20-13.50 “The Death of a Squad Stories and learning of project management gone bad”
In 2019, a leading company decided to put together the 1st agile squad together to develop an app based customer service platform. This will be a story and the important learnings for agile project management on; setting goals and making sure they are not moving targets, designing teams and their processes, managing expectations of not only customers but also stakeholders and leadership. There is a lot to learn from failure and this presentation will cover what not to do when it comes to managing important and business critical projects.
Joanna Bakas, Managing Partner, Frontira
13.50-14.15 “How the modern PM adds value as a talent manager and a leader”
We have all witnessed the major changes in the workplace. We are moving to a hybrid workplace, blending traditional and digital skills, with an emphasis on remote working. The Project Manager’s role has been changing respectively, focusing more on talent management, EQ, servant leadership and coaching. The PM is now expected to introduce tools and methods that will enhance creativity, problem solving and critical thinking.
Dr. Evi Prokopi, Success Coach & HRM/PM Lecturer
14.15-14.50 Networking break

3rd Session

Trends & developments in the PMBoK Guide and the PMP certification and training

14.50-15.20 “Changes and developments in the PMBoK Guide and the PMP certification and training of Project Managers by the PMI and trends for the future!”
Key Takeaways
•The 5 Major Changes of the PMP Exam
•The what and the why about the very new PMBoK guide
•The aera of Project Roles (no more Job Descriptions)
•Are you still a Project Manager or are you a strategic Leader?
•Be not agile OR predictive –be holistic and situational!
•What is this AI -thing and why does it affect me?
Markus Kopko, PMP Instructor, Member of the PMBOK® Guide Development Team
Panel Discussion
“Resilience Traits to Address Global Challenges”

  • George Diakonikolaou, Project Management Coach
  • Theofanis Giotis, Speaker | Agile Coach | Chief Story Teller | Instructor | Consultant
  • Dr. Panos Chatzipanos, President of Green Athens S.A
  • Uzor Raphael Ifeanyichukwu, Business Analyst
16.10-17.00 “Redesigning Project Management Around the Brain” 
Why wouldn’t we design project management processes around the human brain? People run projects, people are part of projects, and people influence project success. Economics, finance, and supply chain management have already recognized the human factor by embedding behavioral sciences throughout their technical disciplines. Now, it’s project management’s turn. Mastering human factors gives us the ability to decrease risk and project cost, increase plan accuracy, and increase execution efficiency and acceleration. Joshua Ramirez will introduce us to the new growing field of applied Behavioral Project Management to nudge us towards effective redesign of project processes, interfaces, and metrics, toward better prediction and delivery of human endeavors. See more at and
Josh E. Ramirez, NPPQ, PMP, MSM, Founder & President, Institute for Neuro & Behavioral Project Management
17.00 – 17.30 Conclusion

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