Wednesday 15 May 2019  •  Maroussi Plaza Conference Center

“Will you Survive or Thrive?”

4th Digital Business Transformation Conference entitled “Will you Survive or Thrive?”  focuses on the in-depth study of the facets for adopting pragmatic innovation approaches and solutions for the Digital Transformation learning by digital leaders the proper initiatives for pragmatic innovative solutions, the use of cutting-edge technologies as well as the need to convey the new trends by a new leadership mindset for a successful Digitalized Business irrespective of vertical industry. The conference aims at uncovering the successful way ahead along a “transformation journey” that will be fun and full of challenges, breakthrough practices and exciting new ideas.


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The Conference

The 4th Project Management Conference will fathom into the range of successful transformation projects for the digital upgrade of Business and highlight the pragmatic innovation directives along with the challenges, requirements, opportunities, and appropriate reforms aiming at bringing a consistent dynamic path for growth and international deployment for Greek Enterprises’ landscape in the new reality. Each and every Enterprise has the potential to take advantage of innovation in a realistic way and not just as an arbitrary sequence of small interventions with fragmented improvements.

Learn by the digital leaders the strategic initiatives and the pragmatic changes that may bring about timely differentiations to Enterprises for a successful transition in the new era along an innovative, enlightening, and pragmatic  “transformation journey”.


SESSION #1 – Pragmatic Innovation and Leadership – The Importance of Leadership and the Right Business Mindset for Change – Cutting-edge Technologies as the medium for Creating Business Value. What do the Early Adopters have to share regarding Compliance, Strategies, Implementation and Outcomes.

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Businesses need to regularly evaluate their technology framework and solutions with a consistent plan to identify the problems and opportunities to adopt solutions that have a clear business value leading to upgrade their operational model. The key point is that in order for innovation to be pragmatic, every enterprise must wisely address within its own limited resources the rational investment opportunities. There is no doubt that some businesses will require bold transformation strategies to survive. However, for other companies, realistic innovation is a strategy for meaningful and “smart” changes to increase efficiency. In looking for answers to the above mentioned questions and weighing the impact of each solution, pragmatic innovation is critically required dictating that the real change leading to digitalized business competitive edge will produce outcomes despite the established perceptions of modern entrepreneurship evolution.

SESSION #2 – Moving towards a Sustainable Digital Transformation that really works – Solutions, Systems, Services producing tangible Benefits – The Holistic approach challenge for transformation involves disruption, automation, optimization, integration and the new role of the human factor – Paradigms (Case studies) from the International and local Experience.

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The transitional drivers towards the Digital Business must respond to a complex competitive field, where appropriate cutting-edge technologies, such as open platforms, AI, IoT, authentication and anti-fraud solutions combined with data science developments like Blockchain, BigData and Insight Analytics, forming part of a necessary toolset for modernization, must be properly orchestrated, while concurrently requiring meticulous, timely and “smart” adoption.

Along a roadmap for the digital development through using appropriate high-tech solutions, each project is required to be considered not only from the know-how challenges, but also as a change enabler leading to a pragmatic upgrade of the new operational status of every Business involved in such an adventure.

SESSION #3 – The Customer-centric nature of Digital Transformation, and the “adventure” of acquiring new, while retaining existing customers. “Shed light” on the various high-tech platforms and solutions, as well as to approaches of promoting a dynamic customer-centric model across the different vertical markets.

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In every new technology project, each Business should consider how customers will experience the changes of transformation will produce to determine what is really different in producing outcomes that could not have happened before.

The fundamental cornerstones of digital transformation, irrespective of vertical industry in which each enterprise is activated, are outlined below:

  • Customer is placed at the “heart” of the business aims and objectives. That is of paramount importance for every enterprise that seeks to achieve digital transformation and digital operation excellence.
  • Process improvements to be made to the Operational Model using appropriate Cutting-edge Technologies, Effective Diagnosis and Protection against Risks, Fraud and the capability of continuous Regulatory Compliance
  • Capacity of real-time data analysis from across all channels, as well as a clear, direct visualization of data organized into actionable information
  • Optimization of Marketing and Corporate Communications tactics and activities
Meet the


Keynote Speaker

Raine Vasanoja

CEO, Nordic Healthcare Group

Keynote Speaker

Mary Wharmby

Former Head of Design Transformation της BBVA| Design leader, strategist and educator

Panagiotis Adamantiades

Retail Sales Director, Alfa Pastry

Dr. Ioannis Filippopoulos

Academic Director of Information Technology and Engineering programs and Assistant Professor at Hellenic American University |Adjunct Assistant Professor at University of Thessaly

Xenofon Liapakis

General Manager, Chief Digital Transformation & Information Officer of Interamerican Group, Chairman of Hellenic CIO Forum

Dimitris Panopoulos

Executive Officer, Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Social Solidarity, Greece

Yannis A. Pollalis

Professor in the Department of Economic Science, University of Peiraias

Charalampos Skiadas

Information Systems Manager, Angelicoussis Group

Michael Tsaoutos

General Manager, EPSA SA

The Conference Audience

Innovation and Strategy Leaders | ICT Managers | Chief Digital Officers across industry | Chief Technology Officers, Heads of IT & CIOs | Chief Product Development Officers| Logistics & Transportation Experts| Chief Operations Officers (COOs) | Chief Retail Officers | Chief B2B Officers | Risk and Authentication Managers| Chief Innovation Managers (Retail, Telecoms, Utilities, Manufacturing, Transportation, etc.) | Compliance Directors | High-Tech & Security Auditors | ICT Infrastructure and Business Continuity Managers | Consultants, Vendors, Integrators


Key Issues

  • Learning by digital leaders the successful journey to Digital Transformation
  • Strategies of pragmatic innovation’s effective development and implementation
  • Leadership and deployment of new approaches as a force of digital transformation
  • The new imperative of the holistic approach of the customer-centric model
  • Consumers behavior evolution and its changes in various vertical markets
  • Constructive debate on regulations’ impact and its return on investment
  • Embrace agile internal operations to quickly comply and respond to new opportunities
  • Develop new revenue streams capitalizing on the new potential opportunities
  • Plan risk mitigation strategies for data protection, privacy, and liability concerns
  • Encourage digital engagement and loyalty through an improved customer journey

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